How Our Signature Essential Oils Can Help Your Mind, Body and Spirit

We adore essential oils here at Heart and Arrow so it’s only natural that you’ll find them in most of our products.

Not only do essential oils provide incredibly healing benefits for the skin, each unique scent has a powerful effect on the mind and can truly transform your mood simply by inhaling their gorgeous scent.

Now, before we dive in to our signature oils and why we love them, you may be a little confused as to what an essential oil actually is. Sure, you’ve heard the term multiple times, but where does it actually come from, how is it made?

Well, the good news is that essential oils are 100% natural, derived from distilling the stems, roots, leaves and flowers of a plant. These plant oils are highly concentrated, simply brimming in nutrients to infuse your skin with love and envelop your senses in a wonderland of bliss.

Our favorite facial soap contains essential oils of Australian Tea Tree and Japanese Peppermint, along with French Green Clay & Cranberry Seeds~

Our favorite facial soap contains essential oils of Australian Tea Tree and Japanese Peppermint, along with French Green Clay & Cranberry Seeds~

In this article we wanted to open your eyes and introduce you to just a few of the healing essential oils in our world, and why they are so wonderful for you!

Tea Tree and Peppermint

When it comes to problem skin, tea tree oil is a true skin savior, thanks to powerful antibacterial properties that help to reduce inflammation and swelling in the skin while peppermint helps to cool and soothe.

Inhaling thess essential oils can help to calm your mind, lift your spirits and improve your focus.

Our Tea Tree and Peppermint Soap will invigorate your senses and even help to gently exfoliate your skin thanks to festive cranberry seeds that will leave your skin silky soft and smooth!

Lemon and Lime

When life gives you lemons make lemonade, or in our case, soap!

Lemon and lime essential oils help to beautifully brighten the skin, as well as unclog pores, especially on the back where annoying breakouts can occur.

The scent of this gorgeous oil will instantly boost your mood and brighten any dull day, we guarantee it! Try our Citrus Mint Scrub Bar, which includes this heavenly oil along with lime and spearmint for an uplifting rush!


This is one of our favorite oils for soothing a frazzled mind and bringing us back into the present when life’s challenges feel overwhelming.

Just as this beautiful oil helps to soothe the mind, so it soothes and calms the skin to thanks to its excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

Treat your skin and your soul to our Lavender Fields Bar and enjoy a gorgeous blend of lavender along with brain boosting rosemary. Your bath or shower experience will never be the same...


Often referred to as the “scent of the sixties” or “hippie perfume” because this oil was wildly popular during that era, we still love its distinct scent that only gets better with age, like a fine wine!

Patchouli is wonderful for addressing all sorts of skin issues from eczema and chapped skin to dandruff.

One whiff of patchouli oil and you’ll either be whisked back in time (depending on your age!) or you’ll reap its sedative effects. This oil can calm your senses, fight depression and beat insomnia. Try our Patchouli-Cedar Oatmeal Bar and enjoy your own slice of Southern France!

These are just a few of our signature scents, we’d love to know your favorite!

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