Why Are Handcrafted Soap Bars Better Than Conventional Soap Bars?


When you buy soaps that say “natural” on the label, you’re expecting an all natural product aren’t you?

We hate to burst your bubble, but what you’re buying is not a natural soap bar, but rather you’re buying into a common marketing tactic used by brands today.

Here’s a dirty little secret most consumers aren’t yet aware of…

In the US while the word “organic” is regulated (by the USDA), the word “natural” isn’t.

So while your soap may say natural, you’re likely lathering up with a bar filled with artificial fragrance, foaming agents, and even chemical hardeners!

To make things even more complicated, it’s not just the big name brands doing this… many natural soap companies are also filling their soaps with questionable ingredients, without you even knowing!

How can you avoid these soaps you may be wondering?

The only trusted way we believe in is of course… handcrafted soap from brands you can trust!

If you’ve never experienced the silky skin benefits of handcrafted soap, then you don’t know what you’re missing!

Of course there’s so much more to handcrafted soap than getting you squeeky clean and smelling good, and in this article we’d like to introduce you to just three of the major benefits of these luxurious bars.

Less chemicals means a healthier beauty routine

Did you know that up to 60% of everything you apply to your skin can enter your body?

While even conventional soap bars are formulated with fewer ingredients than body washes, they still contain some harsh and drying ingredients that can sap the moisture out of your skin and disrupt your skin’s delicate pH balance.

English Rose soap makes a statement.

English Rose soap makes a statement.

Our soap bars are lovingly handcrafted with beautiful, nutrient-rich oils including olive, coconut and avocado along with creamy and oh-so-rich shea butter for a skin treat that will linger long after you step out of the tub. We also use only the highest grade and all natural essential oils to fragrance our soaps so you never have to put your skin or your health at risk, simply for a nice scent!

Switching to a handcrafted soap bar (or three!) is the quickest way to reduce chemicals in your beauty routine.

Made with care

Conventional soap bars are usually mass produced in factories worldwide, causing not only tons of toxic, environmental waste (more on this later), but also a degradation in living conditions for thousands of people living in close proximity to these factories.

Handcrafted bars such as ours here at Heart & Arrow on the other hand are locally and lovingly crafted right in our studio in New York’s Shawangunk Mountains. We believe soap making isn’t something that should be left to machines. Oh no, the process of producing soaps to us is much like cooking, or creating a piece of artwork. It should take time, love, and care which we truly believe you can feel through the energy of the soap as you use it for a much more relaxing bathing experience.

Woodsman Scrub, Island Escape & Tobacco-Bay Leaf Shave soaps make excellent ecofriendly gifts!

Woodsman Scrub, Island Escape & Tobacco-Bay Leaf Shave soaps make excellent ecofriendly gifts!

Less packaging and no plastic means a healthier and happier environment

Of course switching to a handcrafted soap bar also means good news for the environment!

Millions of tons of chemicals are dumped into our landfills and waterways everyday. Plastics are ingested by fish, birds and other wildlife, because plastic never disappears completely, it only breaks up into smaller pieces. This can cause irreparable damage to our wildlife and throw our whole eco-system off balance.

By sticking to our eco-friendly soap making process, and using very minimal packaging, we’re able to keep our carbon footprint minimal.

We are so proud of our beautiful bars and would love it if you had a peek. Each bar is unique, beautifully designed, and they come in a variety of scents making them the ideal gift for those you love.

Each bar of Heart & Arrow Handcrafted soap has a unique design, scent & experience.

Each bar of Heart & Arrow Handcrafted soap has a unique design, scent & experience.