Meet Lindsey Rose

Hey, it’s me! Lindsey Rose Arnold, Owner of Heart & Arrow Handcrafted.

Hey, it’s me! Lindsey Rose Arnold, Owner of Heart & Arrow Handcrafted.

Recently, I circulated a Customer Spotlight questionnaire to some of Heart & Arrow’s most ardent supporters & customers. I wanted to find out a little bit more about what makes these amazing women tick, & have the opportunity to shine light on the individuals who make up the ever-growing Heart & Arrow Handcrafted community. These are people who care about the impact their purchases have, both socially & environmentally, locally & globally. They are individuals who follow their heart & their dreams.

I decided to fill out the questionnaire myself so you can get to know a bit more about me, Lindsey Rose Arnold, the artisan maker behind Heart & Arrow Handcrafted.

1. Age (Don’t be shy; be proud!): 35, about to turn 36 on May 29. I’m a Gemini.

2. Current Occupation: Soap & Candle Maker, Entrepreneur. Past: Farmer, Landscaper, Waitress

3. Married, Happily Single, Divorced or With Someone: With my boyfriend Kevin of almost 2 years.

4. What did you want to be when you grew up? Teacher.

5. Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled? What was it about there that was so special? Definitely Kaua’i. It is a magical, life-giving, healing place for me due to the nature, beaches, mountains & people. The best trip was backpacking around Europe for 3 months with my best friend after graduating high school. Thailand & Cambodia are way up there in amazing places I’ve been.

6. Do you have children or children in your life? If so, what ages are they? No children. I am aunt to 2 amazing little ones, Ava Rose (3) & Lucas Arnold (1 month). I have 4 siblings that range in age from 7 to 33!

7. What is one of the biggest challenges you have overcome in your life? Leaving my old relationship & the sustainable farm that we owned together in California. I had to choose what was right for me, even though it was heartbreaking.

8. What makes you insanely happy? Amazing sunsets, tropical cocktails & outdoor summer dinner parties.

Such a good book!

Such a good book!

9. What is your favorite magazine or book you’ve read recently? I’m obsessed with Garden Design Magazine. Unfortunately they are going out of print. I recently read “Gold Dust Woman: The Biography of Stevie Nicks” and it absolutely rocked my world!!

10. What is the TV Show or movie you can watch on repeat? The Big Lebowski. I literally have watched it on repeat. More than once. I can binge super hard on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

11. I know it’s hard, but who are your top 3 favorite bands or musicians? Led Zeppelin, Cardi B, Fleetwood Mac

12. Who are 3 more that almost made the cut? Pink Floyd, Lucinda Williams, Notorious BIG, Blind Melon (I know that’s 4…)

This would be an ideal place to hike with the dogs, am I right?!

This would be an ideal place to hike with the dogs, am I right?!

13. Do you have any favorite brands of clothing, jewelry, makeup, bodycare, food, etc.? Which ones? Prana clothing, Alba Botanicals, any kind of Fair Trade Coffee

14. Do you have pets? What kind? Pitbull/Great Dane Mix named Dewey (9), Queensland Heeler Mutt named Zoe (5), Beagle/Pitbull Mix named Phoebe (6 months), Kitty Cat named Blue (1 1/2)

15. Are you an urban girl or a country gal? Country with an edge

16. What are your favorite or most often used methods of practicing self-care? Baths- I’ve been known to take more than one a day when the going got rough. Walks in nature. Putting on facial oil every morning.

17. What activities do you enjoy doing on the weekends? Hiking with the dogs, Traveling/ Day Tripping, Family Dinners

18. What do you see as the biggest threat to our world currently? Corporate control of government. Global warming. People not caring.

This sums up my political philosophy.

This sums up my political philosophy.

19. What change would you like to see more than anything in the world? Elimination of female oppression, racism & plastics. Read more on my thoughts on female empowerment.

20. Are you involved in any organizations, networks or clubs that enrich your life or allow you to serve your community? If so, which ones? I am Vice Chairperson & Recording Secretary of our Town’s Historic Preservation Commission. That’s about it at this point.

21. What is your biggest goal for this year? To start turning a profit in my business. To incorporate much stronger self-care practices into my life.

22. How awesome are you? EXTREMELY AWESOME! That answer is already filled in, because, clearly….

Well, there you have a little peek into Lindsey Rose Arnold. For even more about me, pop over to the About page; it’s chock full of Heart & Arrow’s story & the press coverage we’ve received so far.

There is one question that I wish I had added to the list before I circulated it- and that is: who inspires you?

Loving all the soaps!

Loving all the soaps!

Think on that question, and I’ll do another round of ‘getting to know each other’ that dives into my inspirations, and hopefully yours too! Feel free to drop a comment below with your biggest inspirations, whether historic or contemporary, well known or known only to you.

Thanks for reading! Now’s a great time hop on over to the shop to browse all of Heart & Arrow’s Handcrafted Spring soap, candle & spa product offerings. Check out what you can use to elevate your daily self-care from mundane to heavenly. And why not?! After all is said & done, you deserve it!!

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What we set our sights, minds & hearts on is what we manifest. And when we don’t always get what we want, sometimes we just might get what we need…

What we set our sights, minds & hearts on is what we manifest. And when we don’t always get what we want, sometimes we just might get what we need…