Divine Bath Salts

Divine Bath Salts


Heart & Arrow's Divine Bath Salts are lovingly formulated with Epsom salt, Mineral Sea Salt, Dendritic Salt with Essential oils and/or Phthalate-Free Fragrance!

Citrus Mint delivers the uplifting reverie of Lemon, Lime & Spearmint Essential Oils. Contains Calendula petals.

Blackberry Ambrosia is the ultimate summer fragrance that will make you crave that evening relaxation bath. Contains Cornflower petals.

Lavender-Rose is a luxurious blend of Lavender Essential Oil & Wild Rose Fragrance Oil. Contains Rose petals & Lavender Buds.

Traditional Lavender is a relaxing treatment for body & soul with pure Lavender Essential Oil & Lavender buds.

Elevate your Experience! Feel the difference in our Divine Bath Salts.

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Dissolve 1/4 cup bath salts in hot bath water. Soak and enjoy this amazing treatment for sore muscles and tired body & senses. Emerge from your bath feeling rejuvenated!