Love from Our Customers


"Absolutely amazing soap! I gave them as gifts for the holidays, and everyone was OVER THE MOON about how beautiful and magical they are. They are little works of art; treat yourself! They look beautiful, smell wonderful and feel so nice. I can't wait to buy more!"                       -Carly S.   Brooklyn, New York


"Simply amazing product! Makes your skin so soft. Best of all they are gorgeous and handcrafted!"                        -Megan M.          Kingston, New York


"My love for this soap started about a year ago. I was looking for something homemade that did not contain all the chemicals I was reading on our daily bar of soap. As soon as I purchased my first bar I knew there was no turning back! Not only is it so soft but the smell is amazing. My husband loves the "Woodsman Scrub" and my all-time favorite is the "Lavender". My four-year-old has struggled with severe winter eczema since birth and this became our magical soap that keeps her skin hydrated and super soft all winter long!!! Good bye eczema and hello Heart and Arrow Handcrafted soap!"      -Brandy B.            Accord, NY


"I love these soaps. I haven’t used store bought since I started using them. Also, they are perfect for gifts. The “Woodsman Scrub” is my personal favorite. Keep up the good work Lindsey!"                                                              -James O.                  High Falls, New York


"My husband and I love this soap! We always like to try handmade soaps, and this is the best we've found! And, to top it all off, it's vegan 👍🏼 can't wait to try the newest batches!"                                                                            -Krystina G.               Boynton Beach, Florida


"I really love this soap! Maybe it helps that I know the fine lady who makes it all by hand and so I know for a fact that the first ingredients are love and positive vibes. Apart from the spiritual feeling of it (which I'm not joking about and I do believe matters with something that I use on my body every day), the lather is perfect, the scents are delicious and natural, the look is gorgeous and unique. I love using this soap and will continue to bathe with it I hope for many years to come."                               -Rachel W.               Accord, New York


"I bought several different scents of these amazing soaps. I LOVE the scents and seem to take a lot longer showers - I have never been cleaner. I highly recommend Heart and Arrow Handcrafted soaps. Wow."                           -Christine K.          Gardiner, New York


"I finally found the perfect soap for my skin. 
I wash my face&body with it and it does not dry the skin. Very happy with the products. The handmade soaps are vegan and package free, perfect for the environnement. I love the fragrance; it is elegant and finest. I truly recommendHeart and Arrow Handcrafted soaps because they are made with love."                                                      -Chantary O.             Avignon, France


"This soap is amazing! You can tell that only the finest ingredients were used once you start to lather up!! Great customer service, very reasonable prices & speedy delivery. I highly recommend Heart & Arrow Handcrafted!!!!"                                                                                     -Wayne F.             Las Vegas, Nevada



"I travel around the world and usually look for unique high quality items to bring home. These soaps are the best I've found yet! Once you smell them, and feel how soft they are you'll be hooked. Great product! Highly recommended!"                                                                       -Samuel P.               Jerusalem, Israel


"I am a big fan of Heart & Arrow Handcrafted! I have known Lindsey since she was a girl, and you can rest assured that only the finest quality ingredients are used in the making. And, I do believe they are truly made with love -- and that it matters! The scents are varied and pleasing, and there is a scent (or two or three) for every taste. Truly a line of fine soaps -- you won't want to use anything else!"                                                                      -Linda S.                    Stone Ridge, New York


"Wonderful soaps!! I love all the different scents!"             -Tina P.  Kerhonkson, New York